David Bowie

No matter if I hear him on the radio, flicking through his albums or CD’s, or this moment when I looked up and seen this amazing mural. One of my fondest childhood memories always surfaces. My Mom and her friends hanging out, doing bong hits, high as a kite, making ambrosia and celery stuffed with cream cheese, olives, walnuts. and playing one of her David Bowie’s album. Mom would call me inside when my favorite song would play, Suffragate City, so I could sing and dance into my hair brush for them. They all would cheer me on and get into it. This became a regular gig and I felt proud. Even when they would giggle at me when I got into the Wham Bam verse. Was so innocent and had no clue till I got older what it meant. Thanks Venice, CA. Now I want to get high and make my stoner food recipes. #happytears #davidbowie #lovepeaceandunityineverybite

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