Hello, all my PEEPS!!  My work and dedication going on this page are going to be hands-on interviews with Farmers as well as other industry representatives in the field while traveling. Will be sharing documentaries for you to watch to help educate on the reality of FOOD. which includes the Important decisions we must face that are a life-changing reality. Sustainability is rewarding and makes perfect sense no matter where you live. My goal is to keep inspiring while learning myself and sharing by educating you all with me as One.

First Homework Assignment 1. Write this on your Grocery List- Buy Organic, Sustainable foods that wont harm the environment, purchase only from local farmers and support your neighbors. Most important purchase unpackaged food (Groovy Canvas Bags coming soon too). Basically, that means to stay away from food that has been fiddled with. HaHa had to say that. GoodLuck

Love, Peace, and Unity in Every Bite.