Pen Pal Love

I look forward to hearing your stories and what you do to love Mother Earth. Please fill in the fields below and let’s chat a bit about LIFE and the reasons for BEING. Am excited to meet new friends while creating Unity and celebrating together at Groovy Euphoria Events.

Looking for musicians that play late 60’s era and coffee shop acoustics, arts, and craft vendors, massage therapists, yoga instructors, organic, sustainable fruits, vegetables, and all game farmers for vending and education, man-made solar power designer, homemade beer and wine crafters (especially MEED Please WE Love 🙂 like-minded plant medicine farmers, Advocates for protecting air, waters, climate, and lands. , recycling cheerleaders, for my first  Groovy Euphoria Music and Arts Festival in private, sacred place in Maine. Please send me your information and we all will unite and spread awareness together one festival at a time.

Much love, Peace, and Unity to you all,


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